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Course Detail

Higher Diploma in Business Administration (Management)

(Note: Programmes are structured for working adults and offered in part-time mode)

Course Overview

The Higher Diploma in Business Administration (Management) offers students the opportunity to develop the critical-thinking, problem-solving and analytical skills needed to enter the competitive world of business. The diploma is designed to explore a variety of topics, drawn broadly from the areas of statistics, economics, marketing, operations and strategy.

Teaching includes real-world examples and case studies with the aim of enabling students to relate theory to practice across a range of business situations. Students will be expected to participate in lectures, seminars and workshops to examine, research, discuss and debate topics. All our academics have many years of industry experience, and their real-life expertise can benefit students by exposing them to current business thinking and the latest developments in the sector.

How You Study

Students will have the opportunity to study a range of topics to develop a critical understanding of business theory. Higher Diploma in Business Administration (Management) incorporates business core modules, usually industry based, which builds on the theoretical knowledge delivered to illustrate and extend the concepts of the application of knowledge, valued by the employer.

This course aims to equip students with the skills needed to successfully administer the variety of business situations they may encounter during their career, ranging from small meetings and negotiation situations to presenting to large audiences.

How You Are Assessed

A variety of assessment methods are utilised during this course, based primarily on open coursework and formal written examination, in which students are expected to display a high level of understanding of the fundamentals of their subjects, but also how to apply and extend these to advance understanding.

Formative assessment in the form of problem based learning, will allow students the chance to assess and develop their own understanding in an individualised way with the aim of meeting their own personal learning needs and style.

Structure and Content

The Higher Diploma modules are integrated into 12 components & a final business project and can be completed in 24 months.

♦   Work, Management and Organizational Behaviour
     Intro to Management, Team Development, Work Environment
♦   Business Economics
     Intro to Economics
♦   Law for Business
     Business Law
♦   Introduction to Financial Accounting
     Intro to Accounting, Financial Management
♦   Marketing
     Intro to Marketing, Selling Processes
♦   Statistics for Economics
     Business Statistics, Business Quantitative Methods
♦   Information and the Organisation
     Intro to Computing
♦   Personal Development
     Student Behaviour Management, Leadership Development, Entrepreneurship
♦   Managing the Human Resource
     Human Resource Management, International HR Management
♦   Operations Management
     Operations Management
♦   Marketing Communications
     Advertising & Promotions, Consumer Behaviour, Market Research
♦   International Business
     International Management, Strategic Management
♦   Graduate Enterprise
     Biz Project (Management Stream)

Entry Requirement

  • 'A' Levels in least 2 passing subjects or equivalent; or,
  • 12th grades graduates; or,
  • High school senior graduates (equivalent to 'A' level); or,
  • IB diploma graduates
  • Candidates who do not meet the stated entry requirements will be assessed on a case-by-case basis

Candidates with the following may be considered for exemptions:

  • FYIT diploma or equivalent; or,
  • Other's PEI's diploma; or,
  • Local poly diploma


Delivery Method

Part-time programme structured for working adults

Classes are two 3-hour sessions held every Tuesday and Thursday, 7pm - 10pm

Each module is delivered over 8-week cycle

Programme can be completed within 24 months

Assessment Methods

There are six components that have no examinations, students will be assessed by written assignments (Group or Individual);

For the rest components, assessments are by a combination of written assignments and examinations. Assessment Weightage may vary according to individual module requirements.

Graduation and Degree

Students who successfully completed the programme will be awarded with the FY Institute of Technology Higher Diploma in Business Administration (Management).

Graduates of this programme may pursue a BSc in Business Management degree programme.

Programme Fees

Promotion Original Price
 Course fee $8,965.00 $8,965.00
 GST $627.55 $627.55
 Given Study Grant ($1,528.55) -
 Total Course Fees Payable $8,064.00 $9,592.55
 No of Instalments 12 12
 Fees per Instalment (2 months) $672.00 $799.38
 Application Fee (one time) $53.50 $53.50


  1. Fees cited above are inclusive of GST;
  2. Miscellaneous fees & Payment methods: click here for details

Commencement Date

04 July 2017

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