Mastering Mandarin Language (Elementary)

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Mastering Mandarin Language (Elementary)

Course Introduction: 

FY Institute of Technology (Singapore) is a private institute of Higher Education Institution situated at the heart of the Singapore CBD district. We provide range of language courses from academic certificate learning to skill based learning. One of the courses we especially developed to cater to the needs of working professionals and business owners is the Mastering Mandarin Language (Elementary). The Mandarin course curriculum is developed in a variety of learning aspects, it contains the elements such as academic learning, industry learning and culture learning. Our Mandarin course is taught by native speakers who are also proficient in the knowledge of the language and the Chinese cultures.

The Mastering Mandarin Language (Elementary) course is designed for students learning Mandarin at a Pin Yin (拼音) and Elementary levels, in order for them to acquire and develop their Mandarin language knowledge and skills, for basic communications using the Mandarin Language. The students will learn to pronounce, read and write simple Mandarin words and additionally, through this course, acquire their knowledge of fundamental grammatical structures and functions, as well as build up their fundamental vocabulary to fulfill the ability to use simple Mandarin in basic roles, topics and discussions.

The students are taught to be able to converse on a few different topics in order to understand the spoken language. Listening practices will include listening to monologues and interacting with Mandarin speakers. Students will be taught to focus on understanding the gist, the main points, look for detail or specific information and to deduce the meaning.

The students are offered adapted/instructional reading material and are encouraged to learn to use different strategies for different reading purposes: identifying the main points in a text, looking for detail, locating specific information in a text, understanding a text structure, etc. Students will also be taught some industry knowledge and typical culture. This course is suitable for Chinese language beginner who would like to build a solid foundation in learning Mandarin. The outline of the course are as follows.

Course Name:

Mastering Mandarin Language (Elementary)

Lesson Coverage:


  • Understand and achieve accurate native pronunciation of works, including single words, phrases and diacritics (accents)


  • Understand and able to use advanced grammar rules for both simple and complex sentence structures (including the classifications and genders of nouns, synonyms, sides, etc)


  • Comprehend and write sentences and paragraphs by using the correct sequence and format


  • 500- 1000 words

Lecturers/ Tutors

  1. Experienced Chinese Language teachers who had undergone training in Chinese Culture in China
  2. Mastery use in the use of the Chinese Language and Chinese Culture
  3. Proficient in English; able to provide more personalised assistance to students

Learning Outcomes:


  • Comprehend the coverage of common Chinese language course at elementary level and for daily communication


  • Proficient in daily vocabulary for use in conversations


  • Correctly differentiate Chinese characters, phrases and sentences with diacritical marks
  • Read out fluently short paragraphs with correct pronunciations


  • Write neatly and to specified standards
  • Correctly write the Chinese characters to communicate spoken words and/or thoughts

FY Institute of Technology (Singapore) welcome your enquiries and enrolment to the Mastering Mandarin Language course.

Features of Study

Part-time course structured for working adults

Classes are 2- hour sessions held during lunch time or/and after office hour

Small class size

Please refer to the contact information below:

+65 6222 5185