Mastering English Language (Elementary)

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Mastering English Language (Elementary)

Course Introduction

FY Institute of Technology (Singapore) is a private institute of Higher Education Institution situated at the heart of the Singapore CBD district. One of the courses we especially developed to cater to the needs of working professionals and/or anyone is the Mastering the English Language (Elementary). This course is suitable for English language beginner anyone who would like to build a solid foundation to mastering the language. Our English course is taught by experienced lecturers who are trained in teaching English, in the UK/US, or Singapore

This course seeks to enable students to communicate in English in their daily tasks through educating them the accurate pronunciation of English words, including syllabi, phonics, and the right use of these words in the chosen context at the same time. Teaching methodologies include classroom exercises in translation, revision of articles, summary of readings, etc. to improve the command of the English Language and cultural sensitivity.

The outline of the course are as follows.

Course Name

Mastering English Language (Elementary)

Lesson Coverage


  • Understand and achieve accurate local pronunciations, including single words, phrases and diacritics (accents)


  • Understand and able to use advanced grammar rules for both simple and complex sentence structures (including the classifications and genders of nouns, synonyms, sides, etc.)


500 – 1000 words


  1. Experienced teachers who are trained in teaching English, in the UK/US, or Singapore
  2. Mastery use in the use of the English Language and English Culture
  3. Proficient in English; able to provide more personalised assistance to students

Learning Outcomes


  • Able to listen to understand the English Language at work and for everyday communications


  • Proficient in everyday vocabulary for use in conversations


  • Read out fluently short paragraphs with correct pronunciations


  • Able to write at the level to communicate spoken words and/or thoughts


FY Institute of Technology (Singapore) welcomes your enquiries and enrolment to the Mastering English Language (Elementary) course.

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