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“Innovation: Hype or Hope?”

We were very privileged to have Jeffrey C. Thomson and other special guests with us on Sunday, 9th April to talk to us about innovation. It was intriguing and inspiring to listen to his own insight and firsthand examples of the importance of further ourselves and our businesses in today's global world, and how we maximise the effectiveness of our innovative ideas and their implementation.


"To encourage innovation, to create a constituency for What Could Be, companies need to unleash ideas, passion and commitment across the company. We have to move beyond innovation as a once-in-a-while project, to thinking about innovation as a deep capability" - Gary Hamel

This was one of the quotes Mr. Thomson used to start inspiring us with the concept of innovation. From generating ideas, to researching and testing those ideas in the market, to developing new or improved products and launching them, Mr. Thomson guided us through the power that innovation has on the management and growth of an organisation.


Creative + Discipline = Value Creation!

Throughout his talk, Mr. Thomson emphasised on the specialised knowledge and skills required to develop and implement ideas effectively, in order to encourage the development of the complex practices and processes of an oranisation. Considering the different environments and cultures of every company, questions need to be asked, calculated risks need to be taken, and resources need to be set up to take the necessary actions.

Thank you very much for your time and effort, Mr. Thomson!

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