Introduction To Singapore

Geographic Location:
Singapore is located in South-East Asia, at the southern most tip of the Malay Peninsula. The total area from 710 sq km. Neighboring the Johor Straits and Malaysia in the north, the Singapore Straits in the south overlooks Indonesia. Situated at the mouth of the Malacca Straits, it is an important sea route spanning the Pacific and Indian Ocean. It is made up of more than 60 islands, the main island takes up 91.6% of the total area. Tropical climate with rain showers is all year round. Temperature ranges from 24-27 degrees Celsius.


The population is 5.08 Million, with a resident population (Citizens & PRs) of 3.77 million of which Chinese make up about 74.2%, Malays 13.4%, Indians 9.2% and other races 3.2%. Official languages spoken are Malay, English, Chinese and Tamil with the national language being Malay. However, English is the most commonly used in Singapore.


Singapore traditionally survives on trading, including import exporting, processing and re-exporting, freighting etc. The Government of Singapore supports free trade, encourages foreign direct investment and actively expands into new sectors of the economy. To further stimulate economic growth, the Government has initiated regional economic links with neighboring countries, stepped up the pace of investments and economic activities in foreign countries. The economy of Singapore consists of five main pillars: commerce, manufacturing, construction, finance and transport & communications. Tourism is also a major source of income for Singapore.


Tourism is a flourishing sector in Singapore with around 9.6 Million international tourists visiting every year. Singapore has a world class airport – the Changi International Airport. Changi has been conferred the title of the world’s best airport for three consecutive years. Transportation infrastructure in Singapore is very well developed, with the bus and train systems spanning the entire island. Buses and trains are air-conditioned, providing comfort and convenience to Singaporeans and visitors alike.


Education System: 
Singapore employs a world-famous dual language system. The Singapore system takes the best from both Eastern and Western education models to come up with a genuine hybrid system that provides the pre-requisites for the nurturing of individuals in this fiercely competitive environment.