Logistics Services For International Students

(This Service is not available now. It will only become available when we decide on recruiting foreign students and obtain the necessary regulatory requirements for that purpose.)

The Institute provides an officer from the Registrar’s Office to be responsible for Student Visa application advice, Orientation programmes, Airport Reception, Accommodation arrangements and Mentor Programmes. They represent the international students in the Institute, act as advocates on behalf of international students on both academic and welfare issues, and provide advice, support, referral and information to students in area such as visa extensions, family support and academic support.

Student Support Programmes

FYIT (Singapore) provides a comprehensive suite of student focused programmes in their course to assist them in blending into FYIT and Singapore. Student Affair Officers are on hand to advise and provide welfare support to students ranging from problems pertaining to their studies, personal or any others that might arise from their stay in Singapore. Our Students Service Department also provides Post-Graduate information and services like articulation consultation to overseas universities for academic advancement and placement to overseas universities when they completed their studies in FYIT. Students can be sure that at FYIT, their welfare is totally taken care of, from their food, lodging to daily academic studies.

Airport Reception and Accommodation

FYIT (Singapore) provides an Airport reception program for all international students. Students who wish to use this service should inform the Institute of their flight details or contact our approved Agents for pre-departure information. Accommodation details can be obtained from our International Student Affair Officers. Accommodation facilities can be sourced according to the student’s budget and needs.

Orientation Programme

Prior to the beginning of each new semester the Institute will conduct an Orientation program to international students. This program usually takes place in the week before classes commence. All students are advised to arrive several days before the commencement of Orientation. The program is designed to introduce you formally to the Institute and to key staff with whom you will be dealing. It also provides crucial information and advice that will assist you in adjusting to the living and environment of the Institution. Apart from the official introduction, the Orientation program also gives you the opportunity to meet other students and participate in social activities and excursions.