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FY Institute of Technology (Singapore)

FY Institute of Technology Entrepreneurship Centre

FYIT Entrepreneurship Centre (FYITEC) is a research- and training-based at FY Institute of Technology (Sinapore). FYITEC is set up with the aim to be an one-stop training and development centre for entrepreneurs, both aspirants and experienced. The range of short courses we provide are various; such as in the areas of Business and Innovation subjects to Executive Development Programmes; culture and languages in Mandarin and English.

Through our links with the International Council for Small Business, where our CEO, Ms Olivia Lu, as one of initiative founders of the UN MSMEs Day, gave a speech on ‘innovation and entrepreneurship enlighten the future’ at the UN on 11th May 2017. She is elected as the Vice President of Asia Council for Small Business responsible for Women Entrepreneur and Youth Entrepreneur during the ICSB World Conference in June 2016.


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