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Top 4 Benefits of Learning the Chinese Language

Did you know that the former American president Barack Obama and Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg have one thing in common? Both of them can speak Chinese fluently. With the rise of China as a global economic superpower, many professionals around the world are showing interest in learning the Chinese language.

If you live in Singapore, learning Chinese can be even more beneficial to you. Proximity to Chinese cities like Hong Kong makes Singapore a popular tourist/ business destination for the Chinese people. This means learning Chinese could open doors to many opportunities for Singaporeans. You can easily find a training room rental company that offers Chinese language courses in Singapore. Here are some major benefits of learning the language.

1. Makes you a global citizen

In a world where networking enhances your social standing and improves your business prospects, it is important to know that Chinese is the most widely spoken language of the world. Around 1,197,000,000 people or 14 percent of the global population can speak Chinese.

2. Excellent for your business prospects

Note how Mark Zuckerberg’s knowledge of the Chinese language is helping him wow the world! Similarly, knowledge of the Mandarin language can actually help you in networking better and leverage more business opportunities easily.

3. Helps in traveling

Remember, Chinese is not the official language of Chine alone! It is also widely spoken in prominent countries of tourist interest, such as, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan. Therefore, having sound knowledge of the language is likely to help you a great deal in enhancing travel experiences.

4. Helps learn the rich Chinese culture

China boasts of over 5000 years of art, history and science. The diversity of culture is immense. When you are well versed with the native language, you can savor the taste of breath-taking poetry, inspiring opera and lots more. You will be truly surprised of how much you can actually discover!

Knowing Mandarin helps you not only in your professional endeavors but also in appreciating the finer things of life. It is truly a great idea!

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