Vision, Mission, Values

Our Vision

  • To be a leading private education institution, recognised locally and internationally, for delivering higher quality value adding education.


Our Mission

  • To deliver practical, affordable education, competency-based training,  and being responsive to the needs of industry, via harnessing and integrating technology, people and systems.
  • To educate and develop our students to add value to the industry in which they work and maximise their potential to succeed in life.


Our Values

  • Academic excellence and integrity
  • Integration of theory and practice
  • Outstanding teaching and dissemination of knowledge
  • Individual and collective excellence
  • Treating all individuals with dignity, respect, and fairness
  • Passion for learning across the life span of individuals


Culture  Statement

We aim to promote a culture of passion for learning, service and academic excellence, customer-centric attitude and fostering teamwork, open communication, mutual trust and respect among stakeholders of the organisation.